Rambling Summer Reflections…

In concluding an incredibly busy winter and spring,  I was privileged this summer to teach and play in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. I was also thrilled and honoured to be part of a concert at the Ottawa Chamber Festival celebrating my Classical harp teacher Judy Loman. I was joined in concert by my friends and harp colleagues Lori Gemmell, Jennifer Swartz and Julia Seager-Scott as well as being commissioned to write a piece for the five of us to play. What a fun… and diverse concert! Judy, Lori and Jennifer performed on pedal harps, I was on Celtic harp and Julia played her beautiful Baroque (triple strung!!) harp.

Ottawa, ON:
Ottawa Chamber Festival (July 28)

photo by Sharlene

Goderich, ON:
What a fun and busy week playing and teaching at the Celtic Roots College and Festival with Kim Robertson! (August 5-11) Thank you Eleanor and Warren for inviting our harp duo again to be part of the week!

Goderich 2013 photo by Philip Main
Sharlene and Kim Robertson
photo by Phil Main

Celtic Festival 2013
photo by Sharlene

Wells, BC:
A week teaching and performing with harpists Sunita Staneslow and Alys Howe in the Cariboo Mountains for the Island Mountain Arts International Harp School. Our faculty concert included Keith Bennett on harmonica and Diamond Tooth Molly on ukulele. Now that was carzy fun! A harp quartet and uke!

IMA 2013
Harp (and Uke) Concert at the Sunset Theatre, Wells
photo by IMA

Sunset Theatre
Sunset Theatre, Wells
photo by Sharlene

Harp concerts in Wells
at The Bear’s Paw, Wells
photo by Sharlene

Willow River, Wells
Willow River, Wells
photo by Sharlene

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