Shar’s Summer Harp Rambling 2014-2015


Icebergs, whales, highland pipes and harp players…
Summer greetings from Coast to Coast,
I began my summer in St. John’s, Newfoundland playing in an opera production of Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream while witnessing daily iceberg sightings and the random flipping of a whale tail.
During July I had a wonderful week teaching a fantastic harp class at CAMMAC in the Quebec Laurentian’s followed by playing & workshopping at the kilt flinging Glengarry Highland Games.
A few days home and I was on my way to the lovely and quaint town of Rosebud, Alberta to give a workshop and concert before a week in Wells, British Columbia where I taught the Beginner Harp Class and co-taught the Singing & Harping Ensemble Class.
From the cliffs of St. John’s to the mountains of Quebec and British Columbia, I am deeply fortunate to have these opportunities to play and teach the harp across such a diverse and spectacular landscape.
And yes, standing on the cliff at Cape Spear, Newfoundland, the furthest most eastern tip of North America, I stood in awe watching a whale frolic with icebergs flanking my vision.
Adventurous Greetings, Sharlene

Beauty of the Bergs…

St. John’s, Newfoundland






I took this photo from Signal Hill in St. John’s. The icebergs were breathtaking and profound, with and without the full moon smiling upon them! more photos from my travels

ALBERTA Workshop & Concert Saturday August 9th in Rosebud, Alberta!
I was delighted give a workshop just outside Calgary in Rosebud, Alberta. Following the workshop I gave a concert with a special guest, Calgary based singer-songwriter SORA. I have had the honour of playing on a few of Sora’s recording projects and performed with her in Toronto, so I was thrilled to perform with her in her home province! The concert programme included original harp compositions, Celtic tunes and myth-inspired songs written by Sora.
As we drove into Rosebud, a rainbow doubled itself arching over this beauty town.

IMG_2960 - Version 2
Rosebud, Alberta






DSCF8652 - Version 2
Wells, BC

Fall and Beyond Sightings of Shar…
The following is some of my upcoming schedule, as I know it, including a very special concert with George Koller on bass and Joe Macerollo on accordion with the Guelph Chamber Choir! This will be a very unique and surprising winter-themed concert which will include excerpts from The Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten.







September 28th – orchestra: Kingston Symphony (Kingston, ON)
October 4th – orchestra: Stratford Symphony (Stratford, ON)
October 25th – orchestra: Guelph Symphony (Guelph, ON)
October 28th & 29th – chamber concert: Talisker Players, 8pm at Trinity St Paul’s ( Toronto, ON)
November 1st, 2nd – orchestra: Oakville Symphony (Oakville, ON)
November 14th – SOLO CONCERT:  (Kingston, ON) Music West is pleased to present Harpist Sharlene Wallace in a toe-tapping and lyrical performance of Celtic, South American, Classical and original works. / Friday November 14 at 7:30 pm at St. Andrew’s By-the-Lake United Church, 1 Redden St, Kingston / tickets and information:   613-389-8082 (9am -noon weekdays after Labour Day) / $15 regular admission, $12 senior/student, $7.50 under 13 / Music West season’s tickets (4 concerts) also available
November 22nd – orchestra: Guelph Symphony (Guelph, ON)
November 24th – orchestra: Oakville Symphony private (Oakville, ON)
November 30th – CHOIR CONCERT 3pm – with Guelph Chamber Choir, George Koller (bass) & Joe Macerollo (accordion) (St George’s Church, Guelph, ON)
December 4th – SOLO Celtic & Seasonal CONCERT: (Mississauga, ON)
December 7th – orchestra: Kingston Symphony (Kingston, ON)
December 14th – orchestra: Oakville Symphony (Oakville, ON)
December 16th, 17th – orchestra: Kingston Symphony (Kingston, ON)
December 21st – CONCERT: The Diva Series! produced by George Koller – Trinity – St Paul’s Church (Toronto, ON)
January 1st – orchestra: Guelph Symphony (Guelph, ON)
February 14th – orchestra: Guelph Symphony (Guelph, ON)
March 1st – orchestra: Kingston Symphony (Kingston, ON)
March 29th – orchestra: Guelph Symphony (Guelph, ON)
April ?? – WORKSHOP & CONCERT weekend at The Perth Manor (Perth, ON)
May 2nd – orchestra: Guelph Symphony (Guelph, ON)
May 3rd – DUO CONCERT 2pm Sharlene & George Koller (bass) at Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Toronto, ON)
May 9th, 10th – orchestra: Oakville Symphony (Oakville, ON)

photos by Sharlene Wallace
Copyright © Sharlene Wallace 2014. All rights reserved.

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