Well well Wells…

Familiarity is profound.
Many summers and some winters I have traversed to Wells, British Columbia. Plane. Train. Bus. Car. Many views and perspectives to get there. Just like the town itself. The modern town. The recreated town. The historical town. The artist’s town. The prospector’s town. The visitor’s town. I feel not so much stepping back in time, but onto another world. One main road in, into the Cariboo Mountains where gold and art meet at the edge of the clouds and mountain air. I always feel myself here. I can breath. I can think. I can walk for hours. Through the meadow. Along The Cariboo Wagon Road. I return encouraged. Perhaps that is the profound.

That… is familiar.

So, I return .


The Cariboo Wagon Road – by Sharlene Wallace


Reflecting on my week in Wells, BC to teach a harp class for Island Mountain Arts’ International Harp & Cello School – Sharlene Wallace, August 2018


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